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New Port Richey, Florida - Frank Bishop sees a lot of things come in through his pawn shop doors. "Lots of wedding rings from failed marriages; got lots of those," he says with a chuckle.

Bishop opened his New Port Richey store in 2006 and came up with the funny name: Pawn Star

"It's catchy and people remember it," says Bishop. But Bishop's not laughing anymore, not after receiving a letter from a law firm representing the cable TV series Pawn Stars.

"It's basically a notice of cease and desist on the name of mybusiness."

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New Port Richey, Florida - Good old New Port Richey is making national headlines and it’s all because of a Pawn Shop; a pawn shop with the name of Pawn Star. A&E Television Networks fired off a cease and desist letter tosmall business owner, Frank Bishop last week. Bishop owns Pawn Star pawn shop in New Port Richey.

The network is claiming that Bishop’s use of “Pawn Star” is fraud and trademark infringement, since that’s the name of a popular show on the History channel, which is in the A & E network. A & E also demanded that Bishop change the name of his pawn shop immediately.

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New Port Richey, Florida - Frank Bishop knew the name was a little provocative, but it stuck.

Friends ragged on him. Customers chuckled as they walked in his pawnshop.

When the show came on with an almost identical name, Bishop felt vindicated. Now that the name was on TV, friends thought it was cool. But one recent morning, as Bishop was setting out jewelry and finishing his coffee, the sight of a FedEx carrier caught him by surprise.

Bishop said he's only used to getting packages twice a year: Christmas and in March, when he orders 5,000 strings of beads for the Chasco Fiesta.
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New Port Richey, Florida - Third time wasn't the charm for tanning salon robber, Pasco deputies say. - For the month of August, the owners and workers of businesses at 7 Springs Plaza had been on high alert, anxious, watching. The House of Tans, a small tanning business often staffed by just one young woman, had been hit twice by the same robber, a desperate masked man with a knife. The counter is close to the front door, so the robberies were quick — run in, wave the knife, demand cash and run out.
The second time he hit the place the same woman was working. "Really?" she said, according to a deputy's report. "Again?"

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'Pawn Stars' Lawsuit: Tiny Fla. Pawn Shop Owns 'Pawn Stars' Name? - Who owns the "Pawn Stars" trademark - Frank Bishop, pawnbroker and owner of Pawn Star, or A&E Television Network, the television station that broadcasts the reality TV show, "Pawn Stars"?

A&E certainly thinks they own the rights to the "Pawn Stars" moniker.

Bishop filed papers for his business' name, located in Florida, in February of 2006. The show started using it on July 2009, reports The Tampa Tribune.

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NEW PORT RICHEY - Gold, loans and video games are the bread and butter for Frank Bishop's 'Pawn Star'. Bishop started his pawn shop way back in 2006, well before the History Channel hit show 'Pawn Stars' came along.

But now, attorneys for "Pawn Stars" are telling Bishop he can't be a 'Pawn Star' anymore. Bishop received a cease and desist letter saying he has to do away with anything relating to the term 'pawn star'.

The letter gives Bishop until July 22 to respond to the demands of the letter.

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