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If you need a loan or simply want to have an experienced expert evaluate your items to find out what they are worth, Frank Bishop at Pawn Star is your man. With over 10 years of experience in the pawn and short-term loan business, Frank can answer all your questions and recommend the best financial option for your specific situation. Unlike other pawn brokers, Frank prefers to build solid, honest relationships with his customers, which is why once they visit Pawn Star, they come back again and again.

Visiting The Tampa Bay Area?

If you find yourself find yourself in the New Port Richey area and are in need of cash, drop by Pawn Star in New Port Richey for an honest and friendly consultation with owner Frank Bishop. Frank will be happy to assist you with a merchandise evaluation on the spot, and will explain your options in clear and understandable terms to help you make the best decision. Whether you’re looking to sell an item outright, need a short-term loan, or just want to discuss the value of what you have.

How Pawn Shops Work
Pawn shops serve the public by offering to advance cash on an object placed in pawn, or by purchasing items outright from customers. If you have a piece of jewelry, an electronic device, or any other item of value, the pawnbroker will offer you cash based on the resale value of that item. Typically, you can expect to receive up to twenty-five percent of what he or she believes an item is worth, because the resale price of pawned items is usually far less than their actual value.

When you bring your article to Pawn Star, they will present you with a ticket that lists a certain number of days you will have to repurchase the item for a small additional fee. The number of days you have is usually limited to 90, and after that Pawn Star retains the right to sell your item. However, in some instances arrangements can be made to extend that time if you are having financial difficulties.

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How To Make Money Using Pawnbrokers
The Tampa Bay Area is a mecca of garage sales and flea markets, where some incredible bargains can often be found. If you enjoy visiting these sales and markets and would like to make some extra income, you can get up early in the morning (to beat everyone to the bargains) and spend a few hours perusing these offerings, then take what you find to Pawn Star and sell it for cash.
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